Apologies and news update… news update…

Firstly: apologies for the lack of blog posts. I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since Whitney Houston died. Clearly, it has hit me hard.

My lack of blog posts could have something to do with my writing itch being scratched, more than ever, in my day-to-day job. Which is, now, being the Comedy Editor of Huffington Post UK.

This job involves looking at cat videos, laughing and yes, sometimes writing things. And when I’m not writing those things, I’m trying to write other things, such as romantic comedy screenplays. Hence the lack of time being devoted to this blog of late – and for that, I can only apologise and steer you towards the Comedy section of Huffington Post UK to see that, look! Honestly! I have been writing stuff! (Mainly captions to cat videos.)

In other news, my website is about to have a revamp. This is as a result of two major things: 1. the emphasis now in my career on the writing, rather than music, side of things; and 2. the fact that I am now blonde. Oh, yes. I could fight the grey no longer (this is not unlike fighting The Power, but more expensive) and thus have gone to the fair side. As a result, the current picture currently leering over at this from the right is not only out of date, but also possibly in breach of the Trade Descriptions Act.

So, the picture will change, sections will be rejigged, and OH YES SO MUCH MORE. By which I do, of course, mean: not that much more. Exciting! And thanks for bearing with me.