I’m going to be at the London Screenwriters’ Festival!

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is coming! And I remembered the apostrophe! Twice!

I’ve been to the last two London Screenwriters’ Festivals – and this year, I’ll be a speaker as well as delegate.

On Thursday 25 October, I’ll be on a panel at the pre-Festival drinks/networking/getting-all-excited event about ‘Breaking on through’ (I think in the career, rather than The Doors, sense). And on Saturday 27, I’ll be on a panel about social meejah. Specifically: ‘Social Media: Why You Should Embrace It Today‘. Primarily, because I wouldn’t have become a comedy writer if it hadn’t have been for Twitter. So, yep: I’ll be waxing lyrical about Twitter (and trying to offer some remotely useful tips) at that event.

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is a wonderful, truly inspiring event. It made me believe that maybe I could be a writer, too – and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone with similar hopes and dreams (or possibly even fears). Hell, they’ve got Simon Beaufoy speaking this year. He wrote this:

And that, for me, is reason alone to go.