iPod Night 3D – Up Close And Personal

Yes, it’s back this week, South London folks! So come down to the East Dulwich Tavern on Wednesday night and collar me or Josh to get your Playlist, erm, played:


After iPod Night and iPod Night 2,  here’s a sneak preview of my Playlist for this week’s iPod Night 3 – a celebration of  people born on the 15th of July (a close runner-up for the title of that Tom Cruise movie):

1.  Slave To The Rhythm – Grace Jones
In celebration of Trevor Horn (b.1949), who produced (and co-wrote) this track, which I’ve always loved. Not quite as much as Video Killed The Radio Star, admittedly… but then, that will probably make it onto the obligatory ‘Rustle-Up A Playlist To Kick Things Off At 7pm Before Anyone Else Arrives’ Playlist (yes, being hosts, Josh and I sometimes get more than one). I still get a tingle from 3:46, where it builds to Ms Jones saying: ‘And now, ladies and gentlemen… heeere’s… Grace!’. (Note to self: must do homage to this on second album.)

2. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
In celebration of Ian Curtis, (b.1956). I confess that in 1980 I was more likely to be listening to Fame or Super Trouper – I think the closest I came to cool that year was liking (Just Like) Starting Over by John Lennon – but, hey, I’m older and wiser now and at least recognise that Ian Curtis should be celebrated. That said, I’m still the only Guardian-reading, white, middle class thirtysomething in London not to have seen Control.

3. Under African Skies – Paul Simon
In celebration of Linda Ronstadt (b. 1946), who does backing harmonies on this track from Graceland. I realise there are far more obvious Linda Ronstadt tracks to choose – but this one has special meaning to me, as I used to sing along with Linda’s part as a girl and dream that someday Jim would fix it for me to do the same on stage with Paul Simon. ( I’m still at the ready and note- and word-perfect, Paul!)

4. I’m In The Mood For Ska – Lord Tanamo
In celebration of Dorothy Fields (b. 1907), the prolific and wonderful lyricist who wrote the words to Great American Songbook gems like  The Way You Look Tonight, Pick Yourself Up, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love and Big Spender (as well as all the other songs from Sweet Charity, of course). I think she’d approve of this version of I’m In The Mood For Love, no?