My name in lights paints

***UPDATE 25 Nov: Sorry, but due to stuff – I believe what’s known as ‘factors’ – beyond my control,  it looks like I’m no longer doing this gig until the New Year. But I’ll be back! Hopefully. 🙂 ****

At last!


That’s right, folks – I’m now doing a solo gig every Sunday night, at the Gipsy Hill Tavern in deepest darkest south-east London.  This is my first residency playing piano as well as singing – think Norah, think Carol, think that woman off Ally McBeal – and I’m absolutely loving it. Almost as much as Justin Timberlake did the Big Macs.

So please come down any Sunday between 8 and 10pm for what is roughly a ratio of 35% jazz to 50% pop (by which I mean: not jazz. By which I mean: songs by the likes of James Taylor, John Mayer and Eddi Reader*) to 15% originals. It’s lot of fun. At least 100%.

*Yes, I am a fiftysomething trapped in the body of a thirtysomething.


  1. Harry Bennett says

    I visited the Gypsy Hill Tavern tonight and there was no sign of this event apart from the name in paints

  2. says

    I’m so sorry, Harry – completely unexpectedly, they have canceled the gig until the forseeable future :-(. Hence the note now at the top of post; and removing it from my ‘Gigs’ page. Hopefully I’ll be back in the New Year – I’ll keep everyone informed via my site here. Andrea x

    PS November 15 was canceled on the day – I only found out about it literally a few hours before I was due to play. I was as gutted as you were. Probably more so. 🙁