New-look website status: Imminent

Andrea Mann website main pic - smaller

Yes, as Bob Dylan said: my website, it is a-changin’. That was after he went electric, of course.

As I am doing far more writing and far less music-making these days, I thought it was about time I updated this site to reflect that.

So OUT: will be pictures of me that are several years old (I’m not a newspaper columnist – I just can’t get away with it any more), white-text-on-black, and lots of pages about music stuff. IN: will be a more recent picture or two (as blurry as I can get away with), black-text-on-white, and lots of pages about writing stuff.

I will also be updating this here blog section far more frequently.

Watch this space. Literally. Well, not this one exactly. But this general area. #ExcitingTimes