‘Roll Over, Chuck Berry’

So one of the shows I write for wanted a song about this.

(to the tune of ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ by Chuck Berry)

I’m gonna get a little better
Gonna keep on tryin’ to play
Yeah and I’m a-gonna break a record
Had my 84th birthday
Roll over, you young kids, I ain’t done playing, no way

But my temperature’s risin’
My lungs are blown’ a fuse
My heart’s got strange rhythm
And my soul’s aching with the blues
Roll over in bed ‘cos I really could do with a snooze

Well, I’ve beaten pneumonia
But the doc says it isn’t good news
Got a touch of arthritis
And really ought to lay off the booze
Roll over Beethoven, I might be joining you soon

Well, when I’m feelin’ like I
Can’t do my duck walk then
I just end up
Rolling over then
Don’t get up, just a-
Lie there longer then
Reel and rock a bit
Like a mutha
Roll over, play dead ‘cos else I’ll get some bad reviews

Well, early in the morning
They just give the crowd a warning:
“Chuck may die in his blue suede shoes
And if he kicks the bucket
We’ll tell you all to fuck it
Refunds will be refused
Roll over and take it, sell your story to the local news”

You know he wiggles like a glow worm
With a red hot ding-a-ling
He’s like Johnny B Goode
He’s like a man of sweet sixteen
Long as he’s paid a dime, Chuck Berry will do his thing

Roll over Chuck Berry
But no, you’re not ready
Roll over Beethoven
When Chuck’s ready for heaven
Don’t go, dear Chuck Berry, we dig your rhythm and blues