Sketch: Resign Means Resign

VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE      But Mr Clarke, surely resign means resign?

KEN CLARKE         With all due respect, no it doesn’t… Some resignations are more serious than others. If I knew you and we’d had dinner together, say, and then you asked me to resign, that obviously wouldn’t be as bad as a total stranger dragging me off the street and telling me to resign.

VICTORIA                Mr Clarke, have you ever met anyone who’s resigned?

KEN                         Yes, there was Geoffrey Howe, Mrs Thatcher…

VICTORIA                 That was a long time ago…

KEN                        Well yes, but resigning hasn’t changed all that much over the years.

VICTORIA                 So you’re not going to resign?

KEN                         No, I’m not.

VICTORIA                You’re definitely not?

KEN                         No. (beat) Look: no means no, Victoria.