So retro, it’s now-tro

Today, I have been playing with the new toy on my new toy. The new toy being an iPhone 4 (turns out I could have it for the same cost per month as my crappy little oh-so-last-century Nokia) and the other new toy being Hipstamatic, an app which automatically alters the look of photos you take with the iPhone’s camera and makes them, well, Hipsta. ie. saturates and filters them so that the effect is a rather retro, lo-fi one (further exaggerated by the square frame and the border it automatically creates).

As a result, Hilly Fields and the skies above it never looked so glorious:



Nor, indeed, have leaves on the ground:


A condiments table:


Or a bored chap manning a fairground ride:


While things that are already retro now get the photography they possibly deserve:


Indoors and in low lighting, Hipstamatic has the effect of making life look like a Jean-Paul Jeunet movie. Regardez-vous:


Pas mal, eh?

I’ve created a set in Flickr where I’ve put all these photos, and will continue to add any Hipstamatic pictures I take.