Some people…

Might use this item for storing paperwork about their taxes, health benefits, insurances and other:


Other people might use it, say, for putting all their spare music charts in one place, alphabetically.

Yes, I am getting my house in order – quite literally – because I am moving out of my flat. I’ve been so busy over the past month or so with the album launch and a new freelance job that I’ve had no time whatsoever for this fact to dawn on me, let alone prepare for it.

I’m going from East Dulwich to Brockley, which I think I’m correct in thinking is the only London area to share its name with a cruciferous vegetable [1]. And while I love my little flat, it was about time I left East Dulwich. I’m the only woman here in her thirties without a baby bump or a Bugaboo, and children were beginning to point at me [2].

So, this week is cleared for sorting and packing, and trying to reduce my life’s possessions to a size which can fit into the handy Small Moving Pack supplied by [3]. I think this is entirely do-able – because as those who know me can testify, I don’t want for much in life, material goods-wise. I therefore own remarkably little – compared to my peers, at least. Look, I don’t even own paperwork about insurances. In the singular, let alone the plural. That’s how little I own in comparison with my peers. No, all I really need in life are my MacBook and my keyboard and my amp and my camera (yes, I got a new one – upgraded to a Canon IXUS 70, off eBay), and some form of fairy lights. The rest is just gravy [4].

And the reason I own so little is that, yes, I have never been one for ‘stuff’, really – but also because I share a lot in common with this little fella:


Blimey, it’s amazing what a Google image search can unearth. I just found not only The Littlest Hobo theme tune sung in Spanish but also this T-shirt –


– which is clearly on my birthday wishlist now – and, of course, YouTube has come up trumps with this celebration of the greatest ever TV programme: The Littlest Hobo! Hear the famed theme tune as you gaze in awe at the wondrous London, as he goes about his daily life of danger, intrigue and rescuing hopeless people!

And while I’d take issue with the YouTube poster’s claim that The Littlest Hobo was the greatest ever TV programme [5], I’d like to draw your attention to the still above, in which The Littlest Hobo (for it is he) is clearly about to drive a car.  Mind you, at 1:23 he appears to fly a hot air balloon, so, y’know. Either way, it may not be the greatest ever TV programme, but it quite possibly contained the greatest ever TV stunts performed by one dog. And London had been doing it all since 1958, too! Incredible [6].


[1] Make sure you eat your Willesden Greens

[2] Usually the children of the women with the baby bumps or Bugaboos

[3] Not actually based in Manchester

[4] Note to self: Remember to pack gravy boat

[5] Haven’t they seen Saved By The Bell?

[6] Although not as Incredible as The Incredible Journey, which featured stunts by not just one but two dogs. And a cat.