That iPod Night playlist in full

On tonight’s menu (and by ‘menu’ I do, of course, mean ‘iPod’):

1. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson

2. Big In Japan – Alphaville

3. Holiday – Joan As Police Woman

4. Meet Me In Saint Louis – Judy Garland

Notes on choices:

1. Guaranteed to make me smile and move from the waist up.

2. Had to be done ;-).

3. New discovery, and dedicated to anyone going on holiday this week. Until I found this track last night, I only knew JAPW as a name from gig listings. On the strength of this song, she seems to be a cross between Beth Orton and Feist, and I definitely want to check out more of her music.

4. As it would be Judy’s birthday today. My friend Simon had better be around at this point to waltz and/or harmonise with me. 🙂