The next generation of the woman vocal

So, it’s about time I wrote a proper blog post, no? I mean, of the sort one might expect on an Artiste’s website. It’s easy to forget one’s an Artiste. Especially when you’re eating tuna out of a can.

But I digress. Because, yes, a proper Artiste’s website blog would let you into my most innermost thoughts and musings on my music, and update you on all the latest goings-on in my career. Well, here you go, then:

The other night, I ate tuna out of a can.

I jest! I am, apart from that, doing lots of prep for my album launch gig on Wednesday; I’ve found out that Photograph is going to be reviewed in the next edition of Musician magazine; and I broke my camera. And my iPod. Oh yes, it’s all been happening!

But the most exciting music news is that I’ve had more CD orders from Japan – and have made it onto the front page of the ‘Jazz’ sections on both HMV and Tower Record‘s websites. In Tower, I am under ‘New Releases’, and therefore Herbie Hancock (unfortunately screengrab restrictions meant I had to cut my picture off. But the main thing, clearly, is that Grant Green and Herbie Hancock’s listings are visible at the top):


On HMV’s site, meanwhile, I’ve made it sufficiently high enough in their charts to place me under Melody Gardot (and, a little further up the page, Diana Krall):


(Love the Melody Gardot album, btw – partly because it’s produced by Mister Dream Producer, Larry Klein. Who really should try going by the moniker Mister Dream Producer.)

Both of the above make me clap my hands in excitement, like a small girl who’s just been given a puppy. Although, y’know, screw puppies, they just get old and stop being cute. Album sales never stop being cute.

And it gets better! Because while HMV has an English version of its Japanese site, Tower Records doesn’t. So I copied and pasted my album’s description by Tower Records Japan into Babelfish, and here’s the translation:


I don’t think I can top that.

<Drums fingers>

So: a big thank you to my Japanese guru Josh (not actually a ‘guru’, more a ‘promoter’), to the kind people at Tower Records and HMV, and most of all to everyone in Japan who is buying the album. And here’s my way of giving thanks (or: saying ?????. Unless Babelfish got that wrong and I actually just said ‘You give the me thanking to’. How embarrassing!) :

(Oh, and PS – the iPod Night was a rip-roaring success, and the next one will be on June 10th. Watch this space blog!)

*Update* A new thought: were Alphaville actually big in Japan before this single? Or did they record it and *then* become big in Japan? Answers on a Hello Kitty postcard!