Tomorrow night’s the night!

My personal showbiz chum Josh and I are hosting our very first iPod Night at the East Dulwich Tavern tomorrow night:


As you can see, all you need to do is bring your iPod loaded with a 15-minute Playlist or, alternatively, a smiley face.

If you live south of the river (Thames, not Potomac), then please do come down, because it promises to be a really fun night. Especially when I play Steve Winwood.

(Hat-tip to Matt Burke for the fabulous flyer)


  1. Mark Cooper says

    Can we have a MP3 night too, as I can’t afford an iPod.

    And there’s nothing wrong with Steve Windwood..

  2. says

    I never said there was! I plan to play him all night long. The only problem is whittling his canon down (ooer) to a mere 15 minutes. 😉

    If you can’t afford an iPod, can I suggest hosting an iPod night to raise funds to buy you one? Or alternatively: syphoning off some of that charity money you’ll be raising, running the marathon. They’ll never miss fifty quid.