You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Those of you who knew me in my twenties, especially, could probably testify to that.

And now, I find myself in the online equivalent, which seems to be Twitter.  At least, in Britain it seems to be the online equivalent. Perhaps in, say America, it’s the equivalent of being on the sofa, in the sitting room. Or more precisely: on the couch, in the living room.

Either way, it’s where I seem to be increasingly hanging out, swapping pleasantries, links and plastic cups of warm white wine with some very talented, interesting, funny and inspiring people all over the world.

So: while I want to continue to use this blog to talk about gigs and other career things I’m up to, if you can’t stand the heat silence, and/or are interested in other things that fill (or at least: pop into) my brain – such as horse puns and what I think of Nick Clegg* – then you’re best off checking in with my Twitter feed. Or even better: joining Twitter, and following me. I will follow you back. Promise. And then we can talk about Nick Clegg and puns til the cows – sorry, horses – come home.

*fwiw, I agree with him.