Sheffield and Oxford – I hardly knew ya!

Thank you to everyone who came along to my gigs at Jazz @ The Picture House in Sheffield last Monday, and at the Oxford Jazz Festival on Friday. Both were a blast, and I’m enormously touched by so many people turning out for me. Especially when it’s a Monday/it’s raining. You people are saints. Saints, I tell you.

sheffieldHere I am in on stage in Sheffield, looking not unlike Ginormica in Monsters Vs Aliens.  And yes, that’s my Pocketed Launch Gig Frock I’m wearing – the same one I wore at Oxford. (And to anyone who sees any photographic evidence of that performance, I would just like to point out in my defence that I’m going through a particularly bad time right now, ie. growing out my fringe.)

But enough of the frocks and hair –  hopefully everyone enjoyed the music, too. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Well, that and the between-song chatter… which is all a bit of a blur, although I do remember producing a compass at one point, and insulting Jacqueline Du Pré. Did that really happen? Oops!

Le website nouveau est arrivée!

And it’s not even November!

Yes, by the miracles of science, technology and tea, you are looking at the brand spanking new Who knew the internets could be so much fun?

First things first: my undying thanks and admiration to MK Jones of Base 6 Design, who built and designed this thing of beauty that you’re looking at right now. If you like it and you want a website creating, please book him, because I can’t recommend him highly enough. I mean, the man even set up England For Obama – so you know his heart’s in the right place.

And secondly: well, erm, that’s it. I just wanted to say hi, and welcome to the new site, and please leave comments and buy the album and blah blah. You know the drill.  Oh, and look, I can put up videos now and everything:

And what better way to kick off than with that video, eh? (Hat-tip: Sarah Gillespie.)

Speak to you soon. Very soon. Because I’m going to be a blogging ninja now. Oh, yes!