Specialising in Fun Stuff On The Internet™ – and alongside my writing work – I’m a freelance digital content and social media producer.

I’ve created, commissioned, written and edited articles, videos, pictures, homepages, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters and more for The Huffington Post,  AOLStandard Issue, BBC Radio 4BT.comMSNUKTVGoodToKnow and others.

I’m part of the creative team at social media agency That Lot – creating content and generating ideas for big social media accounts (including jokes for the likes of Have I Got News For You) and live tweeting everything from the Budget to the Great British Bake Off final. I also currently run the social media accounts and website for my local Labour Party in London.

As Comedy Editor of The Huffington Post UK for three years, I created, commissioned and then promoted original digital content – much of which went viral – and constantly scoured the internet to find the most shareable, joyful and funny content, from videos to Vines, weird news stories to wonderful Instagram accounts.

I’m experienced in managing social media accounts, launching and running Huffington Post UK Comedy on Twitter and Facebook, bringing it up to 30k followers and 145k likes (and not just because I posted a lot of cat videos). I regularly produced round-ups of the best tweets around news events and trending hashtags, including the popular regular feature ‘The Week In 50 Funny Tweets’.

I wrote the royal baby spoof news piece ‘Woman Gives Birth To Baby’, started the #BritishThreatLevels Twitter hashtag, and Standard Issue included me in their list of The Best Tweets of 2014 (By The Women of Twitter) . You can find me on Twitter at @AndreaMann.

Below is some of the content I’ve created or co-created. Please check out my Writing page to see more examples of my work.