Middle East Disco Medley

That heading isn’t a random collection of four words but what I’ve just written for Newsrevue this morning. In no particular order: here are my variations on It’s Raining Men, I Will Survive, YMCA and D.I.S.C.O


Tension is rising
UN’s being slow
According to all sources
Tunisia’s the place to go
‘Cos tonight out of Libya
Spilling through the Middle East
For the first time in modern memory
It’s full of refugees

It’s raining men
Allah Akbar!
It’s raining men

They’re gonna pour out
They’re gonna let themselves get
Starving, homeless, soaked in sweat

It’s raining men
Out of Libya
Women, children

They’re gonna pour out
They’re gonna try to escape
Muammar Gaddafi’s jets
It’s raining men… etc



At first we were afraid, we were petrified
Kept thinking we could never live
Without Egypt on our side
But the people in that land
Knew that they’d been treated wrong
They grew strong
The regime was overthrown

So Hosni go
Walk out the door
You were our friend once
But you’re welcome anymore

And though we know it seems a lot
Like breathtaking hypocrisy
We’re suddenly on the side
Of people in the Middle East

So don’t come back
From Sharm-El-Sheikh
They’ve closed the borders now
The West’s learned its big mistake
And the Muslim Brotherhood?
We think we’re on their side
Both East and West
We will survive…



There’s no need to feel down
Cos the UN
Will be coming to town
Just as soon as
They have all sat around
And discussed the various options

They won’t do nothing it’s a
U.N. cliché
You’ll feel abandoned it’s a
U.N. cliché

They’ll do nothing at all
‘Til you’re down on the floor
They’ll just hang out with all the boys

They won’t do nothing it’s a
U.N. cliché
They’ll take forever it’s a
U.N. cliché

They’ll just talk on the phone
About a no-fly zone
They’ll ignore you as you make noise…



Gaddafi’s L.I.B.Y.A.

He is L – a loony
He is I – just insanity
He is B – such a bastard
He is Y – yellowbellied
He’s an A-hole!

Poor old

Cos he’s G – getting scarier
He is A – armed by Tony Blair
He is D – delusional
He is D – deadly dangerous
He is A – a real asshole
He is F – fucking crazy
He is i-nsane!