Oh what a night! Early May back in 2009

A massive thank you to everyone who came down to my album launch gig at the Spice Of Life in London last night. Friends, strangers, old colleagues, young colleagues… It was a packed house and it was so wonderful to see you all. I’m truly humbled that you came out to support me.

Here I was in my ’80s outfit (silver stilettos just out of shot), probably crooning about something emotional:


The band (the trio on the album – pianist Martin Pickett, bassist Paul Jefferies and drummer Ben Twyford – plus guitarist Dave Cliff) sounded wonderful. Especially when you consider that Dave only has one arm and leg and no head, and Paul has no left elbow. It’s amazing what these jazz players can do!

That launch gig running order in full:

Intro – Welcome to The Spice of Life
(not an Indian restaurant, actually a jazz club)


Songs varying in modernity (1930s – 90s), emotional range (beyond heartbroken – deliriously happy) and tempo (very slow – furious samba)


Intermission (Banter with friends)

Welcome back – including mention of Japanese success
and a bow to my new-found Far Eastern friends

More banter

More songs varying in modernity, emotional range and tempo

More banter

A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square




  1. phoene says

    and jolly splendid it all was too and the silver shoes were glorious, i managed not to stand up and tell everyone to STOP TALKING, confused those around me by singing harmony backing vocals on the oohs of the beatles song so beautifully in synch with you Andrea that Anton and Wendy thought they were aurally hallucinating! Well done you brave and beautiful birdie! x ps has anyone else everyone told you they want to play with your top register …………

  2. says

    haha – so it wasn’t just me who thought she was aurally hallucinating, either! 😉 I wondered if it was one of the guys in the band (they have sung that harmony in the past). brilliant. thanks Phoene. and to answer your question: I think I slapped the last person who said they wanted to play with my top register.