A Bowie/Brits mash-up

If there’s one thing that gives me tingles – apart from that thing where you sit with one leg under the other and it goes dead – it’s great dancing set to great music.

So making this video with That Lot – to celebrate the Brit Awards and the music of David Bowie – was the very definition of a labour of love.

It’s a whole host of Brits winners dancing to ‘Let’s Dance’… And I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it… 🙂



16 helpful reminders for 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! And don’t worry if you’ve broken all your resolutions already – because New Year’s resolutions are so last year. Or, more likely: last week.

Here’s a piece I wrote for Standard Issue about some helpful things to remember in 2016 – and, indeed, any year. I’ve been dipping my toe into positive psychology writing (see previous pieces for Standard Issue) but this time I’ve put in a whole, ooh, ankle. Which feels a little scary, I confess… but also good. After all, a ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for. As someone once quoted in some article about helpful reminders in 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.10.07

Have Yourself A Mindful Little Christmas

I was singing and playing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas at home the other night, and although I’ve sung it many, many times – it’s one of my absolute favourite festive songs – it’s only this year that it suddenly hit me: it’s about mindfulness. It’s about enjoying the here and now.

So here’s a piece I wrote for Standard Issue about just that.

Happy Christmas, everyone. Have yourself a merry little one. 🙂

Refugees, Terrorists And The Ugly Truthiness

A piece I wrote for The Huffington Post:

It is, incredibly, exactly 10 years since the word ‘truthiness’ first appeared, courtesy of Stephen Colbert. I know this because I didn’t just feel it to be true – I looked it up.

Yes, in October 2005, in the very first ‘The Word’ segment during the very first episode of The Colbert Report, America’s greatest fake right-wing host came up with America’s greatest fake word: ‘truthiness’. It was a word that hit the nail so perfectly on the head – a word so, yes, truthful – that it was named Word Of The Year by both the American Dialect Society and Merriam-Webster dictionary (the US equivalent of our Oxford English Dictionary, but with fewer ‘u’s).

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