New adventures in hi-fi live music

Just a quick bloggy posty thingy to let you know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I have merely been concentrating on my new top secret non-musical-yet-still-creative project. And it’s two months since I wrote that post announcing my NTSNMYSCP, so, you know, at least that proves I have some dedication to it. Which is something.

In the meantime, on the music front over the next few months: I’m going to be doing several gigs at Prism (v lovely bar/restaurant in the City), and am heading back to Dubai to perform at a charity event at the British Embassy. Hopefully this time, I’ll look directly in front of me more, and not up quite so much.

All these gigs are solo ones – and while I don’t play piano like an ex-Guildhall jazz machine (and I mean that in a nice way, all you ex-Guildhall jazz machines), I’m absolutely loving accompanying myself on gigs. It’s something of a new move for me – until the end of last year, all my performances were as a singer accompanied by at least one other person – and I can only thank a) my mum and dad, who had a piano in the house, and encouraged us to have lessons; and b) Isobel Forbath and Peter Wilson, who were my piano teachers as a kid. Mrs Forbath being the ‘starter’ teacher every small child needs; and Mr Wilson being the later one, who told me it was OK to write all over my music books if I wanted to – something which it never occured a girly middle-class swot to do – because they were, after all, *my* music books; and who also moved repertoire beyond Chopin, Mozart, etc and into the realms of such gems as ‘Wives And Lovers’, by Burt Bacharach, whose lyrics left me gobsmacked as a becoming-vaguely-radical sixth-former. If you don’t know them, here they are in all their glory, as sung by Jack Jones. This one’s for you, Mr Wilson –


  1. Sarah says

    That’s funny – I don’t remember him ever telling me I could write on *my* books….especially as quite often *your* books were my books first!! Favourites eh?!

  2. Sarah says

    True – I was too busy trying to pretend I had actually done some practice that week….won’t forget the afternoon when I tried to break my finger on the edge of the piano by bashing it repeatedly – just to try and get out of going to the lesson!!!

  3. says

    Just a quick hello. Saw your name whilst doing a spot of Twitter stalking of my friends (it’s the new Facebook stalking you know). Saw. Listened. Liked. Told my friend in Kingston to get his behind down to one of your free gigs. Everyone’s a winner. Except for me that is, ‘cos I can’t get down to London for any of them 🙁 Surely after London & Dubai, Derby is your next stop!

  4. says

    Sorry for delayed reply, Chris! Thanks for the lovely words… And well, you never know, maybe I will make it up to Derby! 🙂